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J. B. Rainsberger — Mastering Evolutionary Design, Part 2

J. B. Rainsberger offers practical advice on how to "get over the hump" of evolutionary design, and really, how to learn any new skill.

J.B. Rainsberger — Mastering Evolutionary Design, Part 1

J. B. Rainsberger joins me to talk about evolutionary design, and the barriers that keep many people from experiencing its benefits.

Steve Pereira — The value of value flow mapping

Steve Pereira describes the concept of value stream mapping, and how it, and related techniques, can be used to improve the flow of practically any process from product ideation to delivery and customer experience. Steve is the founder of Visible, and is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to deliver continuous value.

Daniel Bartholomae — Borrow My Brain: Integrating Dev and QA

In this episode, Daniel Bartholomae, CTO of Optilyz, "borrows my brain" for a consultatative discussion about how to improve the integration of QA in a growing startup with just two dev teams.

The scariest technical screening you've ever seen!

In this short, Halloween bonus episode, I talk about a very scary technical screening process I learned about just a couple of days ago. I explain why the screening process is scary from the perspective of both the candidate, and the hiring manager.

Lukas Vermeer — Can small companies do effective A/B testing?

In this episode I speak with Lukas Vermeer, former head of experimentation at Booking.com, and currently working with Vistaprint. He answers the question of whether A/B testing makes sense in small companies and startups, and with small numbers of customers. We also discuss the broader topic of experimentation in general, and applying the scientific method to business development.

Jonathan Hall — Scrum Isn't Enough

When Scrum was formulated, it was seen as a “wrapper” for more technical agile practices, such as Extreme Programming. A conscious choice was made to focus on the relationship between software developers and management. It was assumed that Scrum would be used to promote more technical developer practices, which Scrum leaves unaddressed. DevOps not only works hand-in-glove with Scrum to fill in these missing gaps, it is more and more seen as an essential tool for Agile success.

Ben Curtis — Incident response on a bootstrapped budget

Ben Curtis is one of the cofounders of Honeybadger.io, and in this episode we talk about the joys, and challenges, of managing infrastructure on a bootstrapped budget. Ben walks us through 9 years of history since Honeybadger.io's inception, to today, and offers concrete tips you can employ so you can take a holiday again!

Molood Ceccarelli — The freedom of remote working

In this episode, I'm joined by remote work strategist and agile coach, Molood Ceccarelli, who helps unpack the reasons why remote work during the pandemic is different than "normal" remote work, and discuss techniques for making remote work more effective, flexible, and free!

Luca Ingianni — Does DevOps make sense for embedded systems?

In this episode, Luca Ingianni helps me tackle the question: Does DevOps make sense for embedded systems software?

Mike Taber — Doing DevOps as a Single Founder

Mike Taber is the single founder of Bluetick.io, the SaaS which automates email follow-ups. In this episode, we talk about his life as the single Dev, single Ops, single Marketing, and single everything else in his company.

Erik Dietrich — Avoiding the Trap of Expert Beginnerism

Erik Dietrich is the author of "The Expert Beginner", which expands on the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition with the addition of the "Expert Beginner", one who stops learning, incorrectly believing they have achieved expert level.

Miriam Tocino — Using stories for technical communication

Miriam Tocino is a children's book author and illustrator who focuses on teaching children a passion for technology. In this episode, we create a story together of the characters Zerus and Ona, as they explore how a voice message is sent through the cloud, to a friend.

Amando Abreu — Automatic rollback & other listener questions

In this Q&A episode, guest co-host Amando Abreu and I answer listener questions about automatic rollback, how to prepare for an interview, and the meaning of life.

Joel Clermont — Digital Hygiene

Joel Clermont, host of the No Compromises podcast, shares his wisdom on the topic of good digital hygiene, as it relates to development projects, particularly the bits that aren't software. Have you ever joined a team with poor documentation? With third-party credentials scattered all over the place?

Olaf Molenveld — Getting started with Progressive Delivery

Olaf Molenveld joins me to explain the concept of Progressive Delivery, when it makes sense, and what homework every team should do before getting started.

George Stocker — A Dogma-Free Approach to TDD

Guest Goerge Stocker cuts through the often polarizing debate about Test-Driven Development (TDD) and offers his view on when the practice does and DOES NOT make sense, based on technology as well as human factors which are often overlooked.

Peter Morlion — Working with technical debt

In this episode, I talk with Peter Morlion about his love for fixing and improving legacy code, what legacy code is, how we can detect it, and what to do about it when we're faced with it.

Zachary Randall — The benefits of serverless for staff-strapped teams

In this episode, Zachary Randall of Chameleon Collective talks about his success using serverless technology to help understaffed technology teams save money on hosting fees, and reduce the complexity of maintaining infrastructure. He also plays the guitar for us.

John Goerzen — IT lessons from the aviation industry

In this episode of Tiny DevOps, guest John Goerzen applies his experience as an amateur pilot to IT risk management.

Patric Conant — Don't throw the infra baby out with the bathwater

Guest Patric Conant discusses the dangers of ignoring low-level infrastructure during a DevOps transformation, and some simple steps to avoid this common blind spot.

Jonathan Hall — Introducing the Tiny DevOps Guy

In this miniature episode, I talk with... myself about the reason this podcast exists.

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