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Olaf Molenveld — Getting started with Progressive Delivery

Olaf Molenveld joins me to explain the concept of Progressive Delivery, when it makes sense, and what homework every team should do before getting started.

George Stocker — A Dogma-Free Approach to TDD

Guest Goerge Stocker cuts through the often polarizing debate about Test-Driven Development (TDD) and offers his view on when the practice does and DOES NOT make sense, based on technology as well as human factors which are often overlooked.

Peter Morlion — Working with technical debt

In this episode, I talk with Peter Morlion about his love for fixing and improving legacy code, what legacy code is, how we can detect it, and what to do about it when we're faced with it.

Zachary Randall — The benefits of serverless for staff-strapped teams

In this episode, Zachary Randall of Chameleon Collective talks about his success using serverless technology to help understaffed technology teams save money on hosting fees, and reduce the complexity of maintaining infrastructure. He also plays the guitar for us.

John Goerzen — IT lessons from the aviation industry

In this episode of Tiny DevOps, guest John Goerzen applies his experience as an amateur pilot to IT risk management.

Patric Conant — Don't throw the infra baby out with the bathwater

Guest Patric Conant discusses the dangers of ignoring low-level infrastructure during a DevOps transformation, and some simple steps to avoid this common blind spot.

Jonathan Hall — Introducing the Tiny DevOps Guy

In this miniature episode, I talk with.... myself about the reason this podcast exists.

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