Ola Ellnestam — Disecting Complexity With the Mikado Method

Ola Ellnestam joins me to discuss a visual refactoring and project management methodology he co-created and wrote about in his book The Mikado Method.

Ola Ellnestam, along with co-author Daniel Brolund, wrote the book The Mikado Method, which describes an incremental approach to code refactoring, as well as project management.  In this interview Ola discusses the application of the technique, common pitfalls and objections to it, and provides insight into how the technique can be used to help communicate technical debt and dependencies with non-technical stakeholders.

Book: The Mikado Method by Ola ellnestam and Daniel Brolund
Blog post: test && commit || revert by Kent Beck
Video: The Mikado Method: Increase Productivity, Workflow Management, and Sex Appeal! by Jonathan Hall
The Mikado Tool

Ola Ellnestam
Twitter: @ellnestam
LinkedIn: ellnestam
Email: ola@agical.se

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