John Goerzen — IT lessons from the aviation industry

In this episode of Tiny DevOps, guest John Goerzen applies his experience as an amateur pilot to IT risk management.

John Goerzen is a staff engineer at Fastly, and an amateur pilot. In this episode, we talk about some of the parallels between aviation and IT, as it relates to risk management, incident response, and the mentalities that can lead to problems.  We discuss the concept of an accident chain; the idea that most incidents don't have a single cause, but a long list of contributing causes. We discuss the importance of blameless postmortems for improving how we respond to failures, and the human aspect of incident prevention.

Video: Faulty Assumptions
NASA ASRS reports: Callback
Video series: AOPA Accident Case Studies
PDF: FAA Aeronautical Decision Making

Today's Guest:
John Goerzen
Blog: The Changelog
Twitter: @jgoerzen

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